Chaplains return to visiting in person

GUIDELINES for WORKPLACE CHaplains returning to face to face visiting, 30/03/2021

As constraints on movement and work begin to be relaxed, we are working on supporting our chaplains back to visiting workplaces, where they are open. We have developed training and reviewed our risk assessments.

Whilst we want to get back to chaplaincy our primary consideration is keeping everyone safe as we do so. This includes our chaplains and their households, workers in businesses that chaplains visit and members of the public.

So, this will take some time, and will happen only gradually as circumstances allow. Nevertheless, contact with a chaplain to offer support is always available, via the phone, video conferencing, text, social media or email. If you would like to contact someone to talk about what you are facing please contact us using the contact form or phoning or texting 07946 655450 or on twitter or Facebook links below.

Many people are experiencing unemployment or fear losing their job, as a result of the consequences of this pandemic. Watch our Response to Redundancy video.