Faith at Work in Worcestershire (FWW) seeks to encourage and resource churches to engage with their local economy and workplaces as part of God’s Mission in the World. If this is part of your vision for your church’s mission we can help you take the first step, or further develop what you are already doing. We would love to be your partners in mission.

Our partnership with your church can be about many things including:

Prayer:  For those at work; the businesses and organisations that employ people; the mission of the church in economic life including the work of FWW.

  • Practical ministry: Encouraging and supporting chaplaincy to local workplaces; developing projects to support those marginalised by the way our economy works – for example those experiencing unemployment, redundancy and exploitation in their work; being outward looking churches.
  • Developing Discipleship:  Helping your members let their faith make a difference – as chaplains or in their own places of work – and so see their own faith grow; together as Church discovering afresh what God calls us to be and do in the world.
  • Supporting the wider Mission of the Church in the Economy:  FWW works with many churches, chaplains and businesses across Worcestershire and with our equivalent organisations in the region and nationally. Become part of this network to learn from others and be inspired to do new things in mission. Support the work of FWW – we rely on the financial support of our partners – denominational bodies, congregations and businesses – to make our support of you possible.