Everyday Faith in Work Online Event by the Diocese of Worcester

Either May 19 2021, 7.30– 9.00pm
or June 10 2021, 7.30 – 9.00pm


How do your faith and your work connect with each other? A lot of what is said
and written about faith in the workplace is about relationships: treating people
well, finding opportunities to share appropriately what we believe, bearing witness
through our character and behaviour to the difference God makes in our lives.
But what about the nature of the work itself? If we are employees, what are the
aims and purposes of the companies we work for? Is the business about making
money or making useful products, and where does the balance lie? How does my
workplace serve the economy, or build up the common good? How does its structure
promote just and equitable treatment of employee and customer alike? How
much of a pay differential should there be between CEO and the lowest paid?
Whether I am employed or self-employed, where do I, on a personal level, feel
most fulfilled in my work and why? Do I see my work as a vocation to which God
has called me? How does my faith help when things go wrong at work? These are
more difficult questions, having no cut and dried answers, no obvious connections
with what the bible has to say, nor any straightforward moral prescriptions.
This workshop is for people to come together to explore these and other questions,
and how they might relate to their own work and workplace. There is no
fixed agenda, other than an agreement to meet together and explore these kinds
of questions, in the hope such a conversation will be supportive and stimulating.
If enough people are interested, there may be opportunity to plan a continuing
The workshop is convened by Doug Chaplin, Discipleship and Lay Training Officer
for the diocese and Dick Johnson, lead chaplain for Faith at Work in Worcestershire
and lead chaplain to the Police and Fire Services.

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