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PRAYER – July 2020

As our economy emerges from lockdown many people will be facing changes to the way they work. And so we pray . . .
Almighty God;
Give wisdom to those who have to take hard decisions in the weeks ahead that will affect the lives of others, in government, corporations and in local businesses;
Give hope to those who remain uncertain about their future;
Give resilience to those who are searching for new work;
And to you church, in congregations and through chaplaincy, give a renewed vision for our mission in the economy; help us find new ways of sharing your love and working for your justice.

PRAYER – June 2020

As more people return to work whilst others, having been furloughed, now face redundancy. . . .
Dear Lord
In these times of fear and uncertainty, we pray for those who are anxious as they return to work. Calm their fears and keep them safe.
We give thanks for those essential workers who have supported us despite their own fears. We pray sustain them.
And for those with no work, we pray that you would  strengthen them to cope with the situation in which they now find themselves.