Faith at Work in Worcestershire (FWW) began the year with three key aims: to continue to support the mission of the church in the economy of the county through workplace chaplaincy; to help people better connect their faith and their work; and to encourage debate on the changing nature of work and the economy, offering a Christian perspective. It has been a busy year in all three areas of our work. This review provides a snapshot of some of the highlights. The year has seen a slight reduction in the number of volunteer chaplains due to retirement and ill health, and we ended the year with 36 chaplains. Nevertheless the impact of chaplaincy on workplaces continues, with very positive initial results from our Chaplaincy Survey which was begun as the year ended. Relationships with our Partner Churches have continued to grow; a source of new volunteers and chaplaincy for the future, but also an opportunity to bring each person’s experience of work, and issues concerning the workings of our economy, into the centre of church life.

Dick Johnson, Development Officer

The full review may be downloaded here.

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