Prayer for the Economy:

Advent encourages us to look for the presence of God, in Christ, in our world. We light candles as signs of Christ’s light that dispels the darkness.  There is, in this, a message of hope which is reflected in our prayers this month. The continuing COVID regulations have highlighted the uncertainty of these times, the vulnerability of many in the economy, and increasing anxiety as new strains of the virus have emerged. We need to hold on to the hope, which Christ’s coming brings us.

There is also judgement in this Advent anticipation. God’s light in our world exposes the faults and failures of our economic system, which should lead us to repentance and confession.  For how we so easily forget the needs of our neighbours – in our own communities and globally; for how we fail to welcome the stranger and refugee; for how we so often forget our economic responsibilities in safeguarding the environment and those most at risk from climate change.

Almighty God, as we look for Christ’s coming this Advent fill us with His living hope that, despite the changes and chances of our lives and our world, you will lead us to that New Heaven and New Earth for which we yearn. 

We pray especially for those who feel hopeless, that they may see Christ’s light burning in their darkness.

And as that light shows us the many things for which we should repent, in our lives and our economy, give us the words and actions which lead to the change which you desire,

that, with the dawning of the light, we may see your Kingdom come,

here on earth as it is in heaven,

through Jesus Christ, your Word made flesh.


Especially we pray for:

  • Hope for all who feel hopeless and drained and in need of encouragement.
  • The next steps in tackling climate change following the COP26 conference in Glasgow, and the economic changes which are needed if it is to be tackled.
  • A true repentance for the way our economic behaviour impacts others and the planet.
  • Those in work impacted by the renewed restrictions due to COVID, particularly in the hospitality, retail and entertainment sectors.
  • Those working in charities whose services are much in demand due to COVID, but which now face acute funding problems – including foodbanks, debt support, social care and hospice and health care.
  • All working in the health service, and especially those accelerating the vaccination programme.
  • The continued activity of FWW chaplains visiting workplaces, especially at Christmas.
  • New opportunities for chaplaincy in places and sectors of the economy where there are no FWW chaplains as yet, and for new chaplains to volunteer.
  • Next steps in the Redeeming Our Communities (ROC) Worcester programme and for partnerships with FWW in serving those at work in the City.
  • The new training course for new chaplains planned for Feb/March 2022, for its publicity, and that people will sign up.

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