Prayer in the Economy

In recent days the news has been dominated by three topics: people losing their jobs as lockdown continues; uncertainties about any Brexit deal; and the beginning of vaccination. The latter brings hope, for which we give thanks, but anxiety remains for those whose work is under threat, and the impact of yet to be agreed new trading regulations that begin January 1st.

Jesus said, ‘Do not worry about your life . . .’ ‘Strive first for the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you’ (Matthew 6 v 25, 33)

But it is difficult not to worry when our work disappears or to worry on behalf of others.  Striving for the kingdom of God means reaching out to love and care, seeking justice and hope for those facing uncertain change. And reaching out too to God in prayer, for mercy, compassion and resurrection.

Almighty God, we cry out to you for all who are anxious in these uncertain times. Jesus teaches us not to worry. Grant us faith to trust, for ourselves and others, in your unending love and care for all your children.

  • Give to those who are anxious in the face of economic uncertainty and redundancy, your peace and provision;
  • Give to all who feel isolated, uncared for and alone in life and work, knowledge of your presence with them through the care of friend or colleague;
  • Give to those who despair, your light in the darkness of their experience and the hope that light kindles.

And to your church, a renewed call to serve and love, in your name.



  • those whose jobs have ended, or are predicted to end – more than 197,000 since March as a direct result of COVID
  • those known to us – neighbours, friends, family, church members – facing redundancy
  • those for whom unemployment will mean loss of their home, and real difficulty in making ends meet
  • those now looking for new work, and considering re-training.
  • Staff at shops visited by FWW chaplains including Debenhams, Caffe Nero, Boots and M&Co
  • For chaplains, trying to continue chaplaincy at a distance, for a safe return to visiting, and the right opportunities and words as chaplains meet those facing redundancy.
  • All involved in negotiations for new trading arrangements from January 1st – for wisdom, insight and courage
  • All working in distributive trades, and those who work at ports and customs
  • For those involved with the vaccination programme; giving thanks for the science and knowledge that has produced positive results, and the hope that it brings.

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