The role of the workplace chaplain is to reflect God’s love and concern in places of employment and commerce and come alongside people as they go about the joys and frustrations of daily working life. A chaplain’s role is to get outside the church and meet people where they are, in the midst of life – and there is no more vital context for such an encounter as where people work.
Chaplains commit to regularly visiting a particular workplaces, once every 3 to 4 weeks. Or they might visit small businesses in a particular location, such as a shopping centre, high street or business park. There are also chaplain supporters who provide prayer support. From experience, it has been found that chaplaincy works best when chaplains are working alongside other chaplains as part of a local team. This provides support and encouragement for chaplains and helps with the organisation of training. Teams are usually drawn from different local churches of different denominations. Chaplaincy is ecumenism in action.

Interested in becoming a Chaplain?

Do get in touch to see if there is already a local chaplaincy team in your area. If there isn’t perhaps this is the time for something new. New teams can start with one person who feels God’s call to this ministry, so please get in touch.