Prayer in the Economy

At the beginning of 2021 there is no let up in the extent of the COVID-19 pandemic or the restrictions it results in. There is confusion in the education sector; enormous pressure on all who work in the NHS and care sector; and uncertainty for many about their work as lockdown and furlough continues, despite the eleventh hour trade agreement with the EU.

This comes at the season of Epiphany when we reflect on the way God’s healing purpose, in Christ, is made manifest in the world. We see this ‘revealing’ in the many stories of this Christmas season – in the nativity itself, in the gifts of the magi, the declaration at Jesus’s baptism, the abundant wine at the wedding at Cana, the prophetic words of Simeon when the baby Jesus was presented in the temple: and when we are challenged with Christ’s declaration that, ‘I am the way, the truth and the life.’  (John 14 v 6). Jesus says this in response to the plea of Thomas, ‘we do not know where you are going, so how can we know the way?’

So, in our prayers, at the beginning of this year, we ask for guidance for all, to see beyond the uncertainties of these days to the risen one who shows us the way to life.

Almighty God, Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Help us to know him in our lives and see him in the lives of those for whom we pray, that we may look beyond our present crises and lay hold of the life you will for all you love. Reveal yourself afresh and teach us to respond to the needs of others with the compassion, mercy and love which is the mark of your presence in the world, made manifest through your Son Jesus, in whose name we pray.



  • those working for the wellbeing of others, in the health services, education, and food production and distribution sectors
  • those known to us – neighbours, friends, family, church members – facing redundancy and uncertainty about the future of their work
  • those for whom unemployment will mean loss of their home, and real difficulty in making ends meet
  • the work of foodbanks and all who support or volunteer with them, and rely on them
  • FWW chaplains, and others in similar teams across the country, as they try to keep in touch with people they normally visit
  • all implementing the new trading arrangements.
  • those involved with the vaccination programme; giving thanks for the science and knowledge that has produced positive results, and the hope that it brings.

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