Passiontide, Holy Week and Easter are the context for our prayers this month. As we journey with Christ to the Cross, and beyond, we reflect on many experiences and emotions. From suffering, betrayal and death, to resurrection, renewal and hope we see the reality so many face day by day. This may be through conflict, as in Ukraine or numerous other less newsworthy places, or within our own economy – in the impact of rising prices on those least able to bear such extra costs, or the injustice of the dismissal of 800 P&O workers in March. All this provides much for which we should pray.

For FWW we pray for a successful launch of our Supporters of FWW at a special evening event on April 27th at Droitwich Methodist Church, and the continuation of our Lent appeal as we seek to bridge the gap in our funding this year of £15,000. We also pray for specific chaplains and trustees and their work as we begin a monthly cycle of prayer for the work of FWW.

Almighty God, in the death and resurrection of your Son, we see reflected all that life can be and mean. Give to those who suffer, your peace and hope;

to those who face hardship, the help and care they need;

to those who are sick or grieve, the comfort of your healing and the new life of resurrection:

For we pray in the name of him who died, and rose again that all may have life,

Jesus Christ our Lord.


Especially we pray for:

  • Ukraine and relief for all affected by conflict there and elsewhere in the world, and for peace.
  • Refugees and all who have had to leave homes and their jobs, and for a spirit of welcome and hospitality wherever they find sanctuary.
  • Those least able to cope with rising prices and at risk of debt, and those who will go without as a result.
  • Those who have lost jobs through the pressure of economic volatility, including the 800 employees of P&O summarily sacked with no notice.
  • The success of the FWW Lent Appeal.
  • The launch of the Supporters of FWW event on April 27th that people will come, to listen to our keynote speaker, Sharon Smith from the Chamber of Commerce, and show their support of FWW.
  • Those who have completed the recent Introduction to Workplace Chaplaincy course as they now discern their next steps.
  • Chaplains:   New opportunities for Chaplaincy in Kidderminster and God’s guidance as plans are considered and new plans explored. Specifically for Barbara Pugh, Albert Wilkinson, Shaun Armstrong, Nigel Taylor and Mick Sayner.
  • Trustees:  Those who lead the FWW trustees as officers and in serving on the Standing Committee; Mary Austin (Chair), Chris Harvey (Vice-Chair), Roy Walford (Secretary), Robin Gilbert (Treasurer) and Stuart Sandys.

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