We normally use this guide at the monthly online lunchtime prayer meeting, and commend it for use in personal prayers, and in leading intercessions at a service. In August there won’t be a prayer meeting, but we hope you find this a useful guide to your own prayers. Our next prayer meeting will be 1 – 1.30 pm on Tuesday September 6th.

August, in England at least, coincides with the long school holidays. So, this month our prayers focus on the work of education and caring for young people. FWW does not have chaplains placed with schools or FE colleges, but chaplaincy is becoming increasingly common in these contexts. Those who work in this sector as chaplains are also workplace chaplains, relating to and supporting staff, as well as the pupils and students.  COVID and the cost-of-living crisis, which has become such a feature of our economy since the beginning of the year, makes working in schools even more challenging than it already was.

Heavenly Father, hear our prayers for all who work in education, and for those they teach and support. As it was part of the work of your Son Jesus to be a teacher to all, so inspire those called to nurture curiosity and wonder in the young. Give to teachers, and all staff, wisdom, patience, resilience and compassion as they meet the challenges of education, and care for those placed in their charge.


Especially we pray for:

  • All families for whom the cost-of-living crisis presents difficult choices, especially during these weeks of school holiday.
  • All who work in schools and colleges, for rest during the holidays and resilience for the new challenges of the term ahead.
  • All in debt, with little hope of breaking the cycle of debt.
  • Peace in Ukraine, and between nations caught up in economic conflict, and especially for children whose education is disrupted by war and conflict
  • FWW as we take further steps to develop chaplaincy in new sectors of the economy of Worcestershire, seeking new volunteers, and for our closer work with the Chamber of Commerce as part of our strategy to achieve this.
  • FWW Chaplains:   In our cycle of prayer this month we pray for chaplains in Upton on Severn – Amy Wearing, Richard Barley and Sarah Braithwaite
  • FWW Trustees:  This month for Andrew Mann-Ray, who represents the United Reformed Church across Worcestershire.

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