Prayer for the Economy:

This year Faith at Work in Worcestershire is running a Lent Appeal in conjunction with the launching of a new network – the Supporters of FWW. (SFWW) This aims to get more people praying for our work, workplaces and workers across the county, as well as giving to support FWW financially. There is a great need for more chaplains and chaplaincy, and the finances to make this possible.

In the appeal we are seeking pledges to pray, to give and to share the work of FWW by introducing it to others. This will culminate in an open meeting on Wednesday 27th April when our theme will be, ‘Re-engaging with the Economy’. Key note speaker Sharon Smith, CEO of Hereford and Worcester Chamber of Commerce, will consider the response within the local economy to the challenges of Brexit, Covid and the climate emergency and we will formally launch SFWW.

In February we pray for this initiative, for the production of resources and opportunities to engage our current partner churches and businesses and those who might become our partners in this ministry and mission.

Almighty God, you call your Church into the world to proclaim, by word and deed, your great work of redemption and love in Christ.
Pour out your Spirit to guide and bless Faith at Work in Worcestershire,
inspiring more people to come forward as workplace chaplains
be generous in their giving,
and engage in this ministry within our economic life;
through Jesus Christ, who is alive and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever.

Especially we pray for:

  • Preparations for the Lent Appeal and Launch of Supporters of FWW.
  • More people to volunteer to train as workplace chaplains.
  • More people to pray for the work of FWW, and for workers, workplaces and those looking for work across the county.
  • Those whose work is uncertain and unsettled because of Brexit, Covid and the climate emergency.
  • Those who struggle to make ends meet as inflation rises.
  • Chaplains with Faith at Work in Worcestershire (FWW), and other workplace chaplains around the country, seeking to stay safe and maintain contact with those they regularly visit.
  • The Introduction to Workplace training course starting on February 10th.
  • New opportunities for chaplaincy in places and sectors of the economy where there are no FWW chaplains as yet.
  • For trustees and staff planning for the year ahead in promoting chaplaincy and tackling the challenges of developing the work of FWW.

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