Prayer for the Economy:  January 2022

At the turn of the year one headline in the news was the call for businesses and workplaces to plan for 25% sickness rates, as Omicron infections continue at a high level. This has already made an impact on transport, the NHS and education but is set to be a significant challenge over coming weeks across the whole economy, especially where people are unable to work from home.

We are reminded in this that the pandemic is far from over, and that the pressures workers and those who have to manage the situation have to face continue. As we reflect on this in our prayers in this Christmas and Epiphany season we hold on to the hope of what the incarnation means – God being with us – in the midst of the crises and challenges of life. Jesus and his parents had to flee as refugees from the terror of Herod, and in the gifts of the magi we see a foreshadowing of the cross and Christ sharing the suffering of the world.

Almighty God, in the birth of Jesus, and his revealing as your Son and our Saviour,
we give thanks for your constant presence and love in our world.
Give us faith, and courage, to pray for those people and places
that are searching for hope, and meaning in the midst of continuing challenges;
that all may receive the gracious gift
of yourself, your light and your life, manifested in Christ;
who is alive and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever.

Especially we pray for:

  • Hope for all who feel hopeless and drained and in need of encouragement.
  • Those suffering from COVID and those under greater strain as a result of staff absences.
  • All who work under pressure in the NHS and education sectors as the pandemic continues and the new school term begins.
  • Small businesses and those who are self-employed who have no-one to fall back on.
  • Those working from home, that all may overcome the blurring of roles that place pressure on home life and relationships.
  • Chaplains with Faith at Work in Worcestershire (FWW), and other workplace chaplains around the country, seeking to stay safe and maintain contact with those they regularly visit.
  • The Discover Chaplaincy session (January 26th) aimed at encouraging new volunteers from across the county, and the planned training course starting on February 10th.
  • New opportunities for chaplaincy in places and sectors of the economy where there are no FWW chaplains as yet.
  • For trustees and staff planning for the year ahead in promoting chaplaincy and tackling the challenges of developing the work of FWW.

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