Welcome to the FWW Prayer Guide for October. We hope it will be useful for personal prayer, but also for those who lead intercessions in church. We use the guide as the basis of our prayers at the monthly online prayer meeting, which this month is on Monday, October 9th, 1 – 1.30 pm. For the Zoom link, see our website or email comms@faithatwork.org.uk

Our theme this month is the Gig economy, so described because it involves workers being paid for completing tasks, or gigs, instead of being paid for their time. This is nothing new in Worcestershire – organised piece work in Redditch, making needles at home, goes back to the 17th century. What’s new is the proliferation of apps on phones which connect customers with workers – drivers providing lifts on Uber, Deliveroo cyclists delivering takeaway meals, and couriers, bringing your latest internet purchase, are just some examples. But the gig economy extends to professional services – graphic design, accountancy, translators, IT software design and so on. In March 2023 it was estimated 7.25 million people in the UK worked in the gig economy, a 50% increase from 2021 and 22% of the total workforce, contributing £20bn to the UK economy. Half also had a full-time job, and 90% said they took up this extra work to make ends meet in the cost-of-living crisis.

Whilst the flexibility attracts many, and helps them earn the extra income they need, it also can mean working long hours. In 2022 a court case led to clarification of employment rights for gig workers, including entitlement to the minimum wage. They remain, though, responsible for their own tax, pension and insurance costs. In such an informal and dispersed sector chaplaincy is very difficult, but also much needed. Pray for those working in the Gig economy, and opportunities to be a chaplain to those we meet.

Heavenly Father, we give thanks for those whose work so often provides the goods and services we benefit from. Protect all who work in the gig economy, from over work and dangerous conditions; that all may know the dignity and satisfaction of work that provides for their needs, supports their families, and contributes to the common good.

In the name of Jesus, the carpenter, saviour of the world.


Especially we pray for:

  • Workers in the Gig economy who find themselves isolated and alone, with little or no support.
  • Those who work unsocial and long hours, which can impact negatively on families and relationships.
  • All those who have to seek a second job, in order to balance their household budgets.
  • Opportunities to reach out, with God’s care and compassion, to those we encounter in the Gig economy.
  • Continuing initiatives within FWW to recruit new chaplains, and find new opportunities for chaplaincy in different sectors of the economy, as well as new volunteers to come forward to help with the running of FWW.
  • For the FWW field trip on October 4th, to see the chaplaincy at Worcester livestock market in action, and reflect on the work of the agricultural sector in the economy.
  • For discussions with regional denominational partners (Diocese, District, Synod etc) about renewing the ecumenical commitment to workplace chaplaincy through FWW’s status as an Ecumenical Partnership.
  • In our cycle of prayer this month for:
    • Chaplains in Pershore – Stuart Sandys (Team Leader), Christine Dodd, Angela Gerrard, Cathy Jones, Emily Miller, David Oldham, Alma Organ, John Podd and Carol Sandys,
    • Trustees – Officers & Standing Committee: Mary Austin (Chair), Chris Harvey (Vice-Chair), Roy Walford (Secretary), Anthony Glossop (Treasurer) and Stuart Sandys.

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