Welcome to the FWW Prayer Guide for September. We hope it will be useful for personal prayer, but also for those who lead intercessions in church. We use the guide as the basis of our prayers at the monthly online prayer meeting, which resumes this month on September 6th, 1 – 1.30 pm, after a break for the summer holidays.

One vital part of our economy, and how we function as a society, is the tax system. This has been in the news recently with the announcement that the Labour Party has, controversially, ruled out creating a one-off wealth tax, should it win the next general election. This had been researched and recommended by the Wealth Tax Commission, set up in part to address the impact on public finances of the COVID pandemic. Politically tax is always centre stage, especially before an election. It is through the tax system that those with least resources are able to access the services and support that they most need. So our theme for this month in our prayers, alongside prayers for our work as FWW, is tax; something Jesus spoke about, with his teaching still very relevant today.

Almighty God, provider of all,
guide us to be a society that cares for all,
making provision for the most vulnerable and needy.
Give wisdom to all who shape our public finances in the way our tax system operates,
that it may serve the common good for the health and well-being of all.
May no-one go without, whilst others have more than they need;
for Jesus said, ‘whatever you do for the least, you did for me’.
In his name we pray.


Especially we pray for:

  • Politicians and voters as the debate about tax continues; that we may think not first of ourselves, but those most in need.
  • The work of Christian charities, such as the JustMoney Movement, campaigning for a fair tax system in the UK.  https://justmoney.org.uk/speak-out/church-action-for-tax-justice/
  • Those whose work in the tax system.
  • FWW chaplains as they continue chaplaincy in their local workplaces.
  • God’s call to new volunteers to come forward to be chaplains, and help with the running of FWW.
  • Preparations for the FWW field trip on October 4th, to see the chaplaincy at Worcester livestock market in action, and reflect on the work of the agricultural sector in the economy.
  • The meeting of FWW Trustees on September 28th as we progress our ‘Meeting the Challenge plan (and the Standing Committee meeting on Sept 14th).
  • In our cycle of prayer this month for:
    • Chaplains in Alvechurch – Sue Brotherton and Helen Ayling
    • Trustees – discussions over the autumn with denominational bodies that appoint trustees as we plan a revision of how trustees are appointed.

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