A key part of our current plans for Faith at Work in Worcestershire is to move to be a fully volunteer led charity, and so continue to promote and support workplace chaplaincy as part of the mission of churches in the county. Although our target is to achieve this by the end of 2025 the immediate need is to do something about some of the essential tasks currently undertaken by our Comms & Admin Officer.

Alison will be retiring from FWW on Easter Day next year – March 31st, and the plan is not to seek a paid replacement, but to find volunteers to undertake particular tasks. We have identified five separate roles.

We estimate that each role is likely to require an average time commitment of 2 – 3 hours per week, working from home. If there is something which you feel you have the experience, skills and interest to undertake, then please get in touch.

The five roles, with a brief description of what we hope someone will be able to do for us in each case, are summarised here.

RoleWhat needs to be done
Website AdministratorMaintain and update the website, in conjunction with Dick. Liaise with host and service provider.
Assistant SecretaryRespond to enquiries, maintain our mailing list, distribute e-news and the monthly prayer guide (both composed by Dick), correspondence.
Assistant TreasurerBookkeeper, Gift Aid, grant income admin, end of year accounts
Chaplain/Volunteer SupportEnrol new volunteers, safeguarding records, chaplaincy risk assessments
Events PlannerAdmin and arrangements for twice yearly events. Invitations, catering, booking venues. (A seasonal task. Events usually happen in May and October)

If you have any question, would like to discuss a role in more detail, or have someone to suggest I contact, please do email or call me. I hope to make progress with this by early in the New Year so please don’t put off thinking about it – and in particular who you might suggest we approach. I’d love to hear from you.

Revd. Dick Johnson

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