On October 4th 19 chaplains, trustees and supporters of FWW gathered at the Worcester Livestock Market to learn more about the work of the market, the challenging issues currently facing farmers and the role of our three market chaplains, Brenda Williams, Tim Richards and Sue Adeney. The first hour involved a tour of the market in 3 groups, each led by one of the chaplains, and a brief talk by Clive Rhodes, auctioneer and Director at McCartney’s, the firm that runs the market, and Tim Barnett, sales representative with Heygates feed supplier.

The group then moved across the road to the Worcester Countryside Centre, for a seminar on the issues raised by the visit, the impact of chaplaincy and the Farm Community Network – and lunch.


I was very impressed with they way our chaplains were clearly integrated with the staff. They seemed  to know customers buyers and sellers and at the end of the morning, the head of McCartneys assembled his team to hear his address to us and to receive our questions. He made it clear that he regards the presence of chaplains as very beneficial. It was obvious that the regular presence of our chaplains is greatly appreciated by the management and by all that come into contact with them including customers.“ 

A very informative visit, conversations with farmers, market staff and others gave me a greater insight into issues the agricultural community has to deal with including government policies, food market changes, environmental issues and personal stress.”

“It was interesting, as always to explore an area of life that is unfamiliar. Some of us felt a little uncomfortable to see so many animals scheduled to be slaughtered within a few hours but recognised it is a fact of life whilst meat eating is a key part of British life. It was interesting to speak to the chaplains and understand the vital role they play in supporting farmers who sometimes struggle financially and under the burdens of legislation.”

“I found it all quite overwhelming but very interesting and listening to the life stories of the farmers gave a better understanding of all the challenges they face. I really enjoyed the field trip.”

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