This guide is used at the monthly online lunchtime prayer meeting, but is also commended for use in personal prayers, and in leading intercessions at a service in church.  If you have used it when it’s your turn on your church’s intercession rota we hope you find it useful, and would welcome your feedback and suggestions for other things to include. Our June prayer meeting is on Tuesday June 6th, 1 – 1.30 pm.

This month our prayer guide is a little different and begins with prayers specifically for Faith at Work in Worcestershire as we embrace change, which will be one focus of our Spring Seminar in June. At this we aim to celebrate the chaplaincy that is carried out week by week, and also discuss our plans to sustain the organisation – and the chaplaincy it supports – as we adapt to changed circumstances, especially around funding and our aim to be a 100% volunteer-led charity by the beginning of 2026.

But we also pray for the current challenges within the economy and the experience of work of so many, including this month those who work alone, and the impact of the climate emergency.

Almighty God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
who orders all things by your wisdom and love, for the good of all,
and has called us to serve you, in the service we give to others
through chaplaincy in the economy;
give us understanding of the tasks we have been called to,
and the strength and perseverance to undertake them;
that your Kingdom of justice, compassion and challenge is revealed
through Jesus Christ, saviour of the World.

Especially we pray for:

  • The FWW Spring Seminar – ‘Meeting the Challenge’ at Pershore Baptist Church, 10:00 – 13:00 Thursday June 8th – that all who attend may be inspired and empowered in their contribution to workplace chaplaincy in the county.
  • The launch of the Development Plan 2024 – 2026, which seeks to provide more chaplaincy to more sectors of the economy, and workplaces, as a 100% volunteer charity.
  • For discussions with Church denominations to update the governance structure of the charity, the recruitment of new trustees as others step back, and for the meeting of trustees on June 15th, as more detailed planning is undertaken.
  • For all who work alone, work from home, or who experience isolation and loneliness in their work.
  • For those running small businesses with just a few employees, and have to undertake all tasks of management having no one to confide in.
  • For those working in new industries responding to the changing climate, for inspiration to develop new products and ways of working which sustain ourselves, our planet and economy.
  • For those who work is made harder due to climate change – those working outdoors, or in poorly designed offices and factories in hot weather, and in farming and food production in times of drought.
  • For workers in countries most impacted by climate change who are often unable to adapt the way they work, or change where they live.
  • In our cycle of prayer this month for:
    • Chaplains at Worcester Livestock Market – Brenda Williams, Tim Richards, Sue Adeney.
    • FWW Trustees: Representing the Anglican Diocese of Worcester:  Martin Allen and Anthony Glossop.

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