Prayer in the Economy

Whilst restrictions on life and the economy continue to ease, news from other places in the world reminds us that, for many others, COVID – 19 remains a very real and present threat. As we give thanks for progress at home we continue to pray for justice for those with less access to vaccines and health care, and a fairer sharing of the means to tackle the ongoing pandemic. We are reminded in this of the global nature of the economy – and our interconnectedness.

As, through May, the Easter season moves into Ascensiontide and we celebrate the Feast of Pentecost, we give thanks that, despite all, God reigns through Christ and renews and inspires the world by his Holy Spirit.  We look for signs of this in our economy, as people continue to return to work, new businesses are set up and trading resumes, and pray for the work of chaplaincy to encourage and care, reflecting God’s reign in the world of holy love and compassion.

Almighty God, in Jesus, who wept for his friend Lazarus, and for Jerusalem, we see your tears for the suffering of each person, and for the world. We pray, bring your love and compassion to all who continue to suffer as a result of COVID – through sickness and death, or in the economic changes that it has caused.

As Jesus rose from death and now reigns over all so bring new life and hope where there has been darkness and despair; by your Holy Spirit inspire your people to act with care and compassion and work for a fair sharing of the health resources so desperately needed.

We pray in the name of the risen, ascended and glorified Jesus. Christ our Lord.


Especially we pray for:

  • Those now back at work in the retail sector, especially those anxious about their safety at work.
  • Those now looking for new work, having been made redundant.
  • Those continuing to work from home, or who continue to be furloughed, especially those who feel isolated.
  • Those experiencing mental illness through stress as a result of their employment situation.
  • International cooperation to ensure those in countries where vaccines and resources are scarce can get their fair share.
  • A spirit of selflessness, as lockdown eases, that all may think of others before themselves and not put others at risk by how they behave.
  • Those whose work during lockdown has been relentless and who are exhausted that they may find rest and peace.
  • Chaplains as they return to visiting workplaces, for the right words as they reconnect.
  • Those who recently completed training as chaplains, as they discern their next steps.
  • Wisdom to know how to reduce inequality and injustice in our global economy and safeguard the environment.
  • Give thanks for signs of hope and new beginnings.

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