Pentecost comes at the beginning of June this year, and sets the tone for our prayers during the month. In recalling the events of that first Pentecost we are again invited to join in with God’s Saving work in the world, through Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit. On that first Pentecost people from all over the known world were astonished as they heard the Gospel proclaimed in their native tongue. In engaging with people in the economy, wherever people work, it is not so much that those we meet hear what we have to say, but that they know that they have been listened to, and understood. This is the Holy Spirit enabling us to really hear what others are saying – as they share the joys, sorrows, and challenges that their work brings them. The Holy Spirit not only frees us speak; it enables us to listen.

And so this month we focus in our prayers on listening – to God, and to those around us, the vulnerable, the anxious, the poor and the exploited within our economy.

Almighty God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, your salvation comes to your people because first you hear their cries of despair, suffering, isolation and fear.

Inspire us to also listen, hear and respond in Your name, sharing that compassion and care, which is a mark of your presence, with all whom we meet, and open new opportunities for chaplaincy, listening and transformation in the economy in the name of Christ, whose name we bear, and whose example we follow.


Especially we pray for:

  • All most at risk in the continuing cost of living crisis.
  • All in debt, with little hope of breaking the cycle of debt.
  • People in insecure jobs, and those running businesses that face mounting costs, and continuing supply problems.
  • Chaplains – that they would be good listeners to those they visit, sharing their experience, joys and sorrows.
  • Churches, Christians and FWW that we would be inspired to listen to where God is leading us, and for new opportunities for  chaplaincy.
  • The  growth of the Supporters of FWW network, launched at the end of April, and for the prayer, promotion of our work and fund raising that we hope will result.
  • Those in communities around the world where normal economic life is destroyed by war and conflict – in the Ukraine, Yemen, Afghanistan and many other places
  • Chaplains:   In our cycle of prayer this month we pray for chaplains in Alvechurch – Sue Brotherton, Philippa Brakes, Helen Ayling.
  • Trustees:  This month for those who represent the Heart of England Baptist Association (HEBA), John Hill, as he steps down after many faithful years of service, and Stuart Sandys.

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